Scope of BPO in Bangladesh

Scope of BPO in Bangladesh
Let us have a look at the scopes and benefits of BPO in Bangladesh in this present global economic scenario:

### Today in Bangladesh BPO is the most upcoming and rapidly growing industry attracting the educated youth all over the country. BPO workforce offers several advantages over their western counterparts both in terms of cost savings (low-cost labor) and availability of resourceful manpower.
### The revenue generation by BPO and KPO industries in Bangladesh is now much higher than those of previous years. Almost two lakh people are involved in this industry and the countdown is ticking fast.
### The opportunity for global BPO will mount to USD145 to 165 billion for South Asian based services, within the next five years. The outsourcing of BPO projects from the insurance sector will have a steady rise, about 12-15 times simultaneously.
### Banking sectors and other financial firms are undergoing significant cost-reduction pressure and are therefore planning to move jobs offshore like call centers, data processing etc.

So it is clear that if we can plan our future strategies in a right track then BPO will gift Bangladesh a giant lift. And after a certain period of time we will find a handsome amount of IT geeks in our country.


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