Is Innovation and Disruption a Threat or an Opportunity?

We live in a time when innovation is constant and market disruption threatens…everything. The question is, do you see innovation and disruption as a threat or an opportunity?

I’m very proud of this episode of Revolution. My guest is a true friend and a real-world disruptor. Please meet Shervin Pishevar, a proven (serial) entrepreneur, advisor and venture capitalist. Pishevar is a Managing Director at Sherpa Ventures, which he founded with Scott Stanford last year. He’s also a strategic advisor and board observer at Uber. Prior, he led the investments in Uber and Tumblr at Menlo Ventures and also worked closely with key portfolio companies including Shaker, Warby Parker and Mr. Number.

In this episode, our conversation focuses on technology’s role in driving change and bringing innovation into traditional markets. We explore, for example, the behind-the-scenes impact of Uber on the taxi industry and AirBnB on the hospitality trade.

As Pishevar notes, transparency is the foundation for innovation, “We are in living in an age where everything is transparent. Corruption and the old ways of doing things can no longer be hidden under the carpet, in alleyways, people are shining the light…when you’re in the light, it’s hard to be dark.”

The conversation then shifts to something that I can only describe as profound and touching. Looking beyond transparency, we reflect on technology’s effect on the future of society. Pishevar believes that we are moving, without us consciously realizing or directing it, into a shared humanity where civilization is evolving and connecting while returning to a basic focus on core values. In his words, “we are rethinking what it means to be human.”

Innovation as he closes the conversation, comes down to the relationship between technology and the human heart.

Source: | February 25


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